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Pumpkin Shaped Sponge Cake Mold, Set of 6

This is a set of 6 flower shaped cake molds. They can be used to bake a variety of cakelets and sponge cakes. 

Made with anodized aluminum, these small molds conduct heat evenly to encourage proper browning. The molds can also be refrigerated or frozen to create cold desserts.

Create dramatic looking cakes, brownies, kueh bulu or any other small baked desserts.

Use it to freeze ice cream or mold other cold desserts before coating with a layer of chocolate.

Join two molds together to create a cake that looks like a pumpkin!! Pipe in the details with colored icing.... unleash your creativity.

Completely smooth sides and seams. Important, since any marks will show in the finished cakes/tarts/frozen desserts.

The flared edge top allows for easy handling.

Commercial quality.

The dimensions of the molds are:

2.25 inch (Diameter)  X 1.0 inch (Deep)

5.72 cm (Diameter) X 2.54 cm (Deep) 

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