Jelly & Konnyaku Mold

This is a pink mould for making Konnyaku jelly or Agar Agar. 

This mold shapes konnyaku jelly and jello into elegant shiny gems that are about 1.75 inches in width and 1 inch in depth.

Each tray has 8 molds, each with a unique shape.

The trays have legs which ensures that multiple trays can be neatly stacked on top of one another during chilling in the refrigerator.  The legs also ensure that the bottom of the top tray will not touch the tray below it and ruin the surface of the jelly when setting.

This mold is dishwasher safe and made of high quality food grade nylon plastic for durability.

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Jelly & Konnyaku Mold

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Jelly & Konnyaku Mold
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Jelly & Konnyaku Mold Jelly & Konnyaku Mold