Gnocchi Paddle

Make professional-looking gnocchi (just like Mario and Giada!) with this gnocchi board. The board will help you make deep, professional ridges easier, faster and with better results.

Unlike traditional wooden paddles, this board is dishwasher safe and can be scrubbed with hot water.  It is also non-porous and non-odor absorbing, making it easier to maintain than wood.

The shape of the board is narrower and slimmer than a traditional gnocchi paddle, making it easier to shape smaller gnocchi because it allows more control.  The ridges are also more delicate and closer together, making the ridges more prominent, deeper and more elegant.

Dimensions of the board are 1.75 inches x 8 inches (width X height).  It takes up less precious kitchen space.

The board is made with professional food grade plastic nylon. 

This tool can also be used for making Kuih Siput (Kueh Siput), a delicious traditional Malaysian snack.

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Gnocchi Paddle

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