Our Products Fit Our Values

One of the reasons we are in business at Browncookie.com is to bring our customers products that they are not likely to find anywhere else. Usually, this means finding products that come from a culture very different from those of most of our customers. A truly adventurous home cook is challenged by the availability of specialized tools. We try to bring these tools to you. Today, we are excited to add several new products from Japan that fit this mission.

Here are just a few of the tools from Japan that will help you add a decorative flair to your food preparation.

Panda Sandwich Cutter & Embosser The Panda Sandwich Cutter & Embosser adds a unique panda-shaped embossment imprint on food surfaces like fluffy bread. Just imagine how cool your kid will look when she takes out a sandwich at lunch with a nice panda face pressed into the surface.

Vegetable Shaped Bento Cups– Set of 12Just in time for spring and summer food decorating, these Set of 12 Vegetable Shaped Bento Cups are so realistic, I thought they were actually vegetables when I first saw the package. Pack and present bite-sized foods, fruits, or snacks in these cute vegetable shaped cups. Use the straight-edged shiso leaf to decorate homemade bento boxes. This is a really cool and unique addition to your food decorating repertoire.

Baby Panda Onigiri Mold & Cutter SetDo you make sushi at home? Try this Baby Panda Onigiri Mold & Cutter Set to shape little baby panda shaped rice balls for your sushi plate. Just place the cooked sushi rice into the mold, hold the handle, and press down to shape the rice. You will be so happy to share these specially shaped pieces of sushi with your family and friends.

Stay tuned for even more new products coming from Browncookie.com.

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