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More Delicious Double-Stewed Soups Cookbook

  • A bowl of delicious double-stewed soup is not only enjoyable, it can wash away all your cares after a hard day’s work. Double-stewed soups are great at extracting the nutrients and fibers of vegetables, fruits, and herbs for easy ingestion. Chinese cooks believe that double-stewed soups have health and beauty benefits. This cookbook has over 100 double-stewed soup recipes for your experimentation and enjoyment at home.

    Title: More Delicious Double-Stewed Soups

    Author: Patsie Cheong

    Language: Bilingual- English and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)

    Condition: New

    Illustrations: Full color

    Pages: 117

    Publication Date: February 2013

  • Table of Contents

    • About Pastie Cheong
    • Benefits of Soup
    • Drink up for good health
    • About Ingredients
    • Black Chicken Soup with Dates
    • Black Eye Pea and Black Bean Soup
    • Black Bean and Peanut Soup
    • Black Bean and Lobed Kudzuvine Soup
    • Black Bean and Soy Bean Soup
    • Pumpkin and Winter Melon Soup
    • Farm Frog and Water Chestnut Soup
    • Fresh Chinese Yam and Aloe Vera Soup
    • Vegetable Soup with Fruits
    • Octopus Tentacles and Winter Melon Soup
    • Papaya and Mutton Soup
    • Pickled Mustard and Beef Shank Soup
    • Pumpkin and Dried Oyster Soup
    • Purple Sweet Potato Soup
    • Vegetable Soup with Scallop
    • Sugar Cane and Water Chestnut Soup
    • Vegetarian Old Cucumber Soup
    • Watermelon Skin and Pork Rib Soup
    • Watercress and Lotus Root Sweet Soup
    • Sweet Corn and Papaya Soup
    • Chicken soup with Bamboo Fungus
    • Bitter Gourd and Fish Head Soup
    • Chicken Soup with Bok Choy
    • Apple, Pear and Sea-Coconut Soup
    • Black Bean and Black Chicken Soup
    • Buddha Fruit and Dried Vege Soup
    • Chinese Yam and Lotus Seed Soup
    • Sea Coconut soup with Almonds
    • Dried Fig and Ginkgo Soup
    • Eucommia Bark Soup
    • Chinese Yam and Lotus Root Soup with Lean Meat
    • Garlic and Pig’s Stomach Soup
    • He Shou Wu and Longan Soup
    • Kelp and Duck Soup
    • Lotus Root and Chinese Yam Soup with Pork Rib
    • Raw Barley and Corn Soup
    • Dried Fish Bone and Lean Meat Soup
    • Solomonseal Rhizome Soup with Winter Melon
    • Solomonseal Rhizome and Sweet Corn Soup
    • American Ginseng and Trio Date Soup
    • American Ginseng and Fish Tail Soup
    • American Ginseng and Farm Frog Soup
    • Pearl Bean Soup
    • Rib Soup with Chinese Herbs
    • Almond and Watercress Soup
    • Watercress, Lotus Root and Bone Soup
    • Wealthy Chicken Soup
    • Panax Notojinseng Soup
    • Chinese Yam and Barley soup
  • Patsie Cheong is a native of Kuala Lumpur. She is an incredibly accomplished culinary expert with over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry. She is an author of close to 20 cookbooks which have all been bestsellers. Her cookbook titled 31 Snacks for Asian Cuisine Lovers was awarded the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Hong Kong. She is highly sought after by food manufacturers and cookware companies for product development and promotion. Patsie is an esteemed and well-loved celebrity chef. Kampung Curry is one of her best works.

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