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The Secret of Cookies Cookbook

  • The Secret of Cookies will reveal to you cookie baking secrets through 1,000 full-color step-by-step photos and 200 foolproof tips. With this book in hand, you will be baking great cookies 100% of the time! This book is considered a “Jumbo” edition because it provides a very comprehensive guide for both creative and traditional cookies. The recipes and detailed photos ensure guaranteed success even for beginners. Learn and start baking cookies and taste your success immediately.

    Title: The Secret of Cookies

    Author: Gu Huixue

    Language: Bilingual- English and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)

    Condition: New

    Illustrations: Full color

    Pages: 270

    Publication Date: September 2013

  • Table of Contents

    • A Note to Baking Newbies
    • Basic Way of Using Important Baking Tools
    • Commonly Used Ingredients
    • Commonly Used Tools

    Eggless Cookies

    • Snowy Cocoa Balls + Crescent Cookies
    • Gingerbread Cookies
    • Red Date and Maltose Crisp
    • Two-Tone Cookies
    • Cinnamon and Black Tea Crisp
    • Genmai Tea Crescent Cookies
    • Honey Kumquat Cookies

    Gluten Free Cookies

    • Walnut Petit Cakes
    • Honey Citron Tea Petit Cakes + Mandarin Orange Petit Cakes
    • Fig Fruit Petit Cakes

    Meringue Cookies

    • Meringue Cookies
    • Coconut Balls
    • Oolong Tea Coconut Balls
    • Cocoa Meringue + Green Tea Meringue
    • Macaroons

    Egg White Cookies

    • Cigarette Rolls + Vanilla Cones
    • Cat’s Tongue Cookies
    • Wine and Cheese Sandwich Cookies
    • Coffee Caramel Cones
    • Sesame Green Tea Tuiles
    • Almond Tuiles

    Egg Yolk Cookies

    • Chocolate Almond Crisp
    • Garrett Shortbread + Fruit Jam Shortbread
    • Sweetened Black Date Sandwich Cookies
    • Roselle Cookies
    • Spring Onion Curry Cookies
    • Earl Grey Milk Tea Cookies
    • Macadamia Sablee

    Butter Cookies

    • Caramel Almond Crisp
    • Brownies
    • Pinwheel Cookie + Marble Cookies
    • Chocolate Chip Cookies + Chocolate Oat Cookies
    • Chocolate Nut Biscotti
    • Almond Longan Biscotti
    • Apricot Cookies
    • Peanut Butter Cookies
    • Seaweed and Meat Floss Cookies
    • Paprika Cheese Sticks
    • Snowy Coffee Cookies
    • Candied Tangerine Peel Cookies
    • Lemon Yogurt Sandwich Cookies
    • Cocoa Strawberry Cookies
    • Rosemary Cookies
    • Brown Sugar Pine Nut Cookies

    Puff Pastry Cookies

    • The Making of Puff Pastry
    • Leaf Puff Pastry Cookies
    • Palmier Puff Pastry Cookies
    • Peanut and Sesame puff Pastry Sticks
    • Rum and Raisin Puff Pastry

    Creative Cookies

    • Fruit Jam Sandwich Cookies
    • Chocolate Raisin Cookies
    • Marshmallow Cereal Bar
    • Colorful Chocolate Crackers
    • Mixed Fruit Cereal Bars
    • Cuillere (Ladyfingers)
  • Gu Huixue is an expert baker with superb qualifications in baking and cooking arts.

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