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Agar Agar Chai Yen Cookbook

Agar Agar has become an indispensable dessert at children’s parties, house warming and baby’s full moon celebrations.  Usually made into a splash of bright and cheerful colors of red, green, orange and white, children find them especially irresistible.  Agar Agar, refreshing and at times crunching, is the perfect after-meal dessert that the young and old can enjoy at any time.

Using cute and funny molds and based on accurate measurement of ingredients and clear-cut step by step photos, let Chef Amy Wong transform traditional agar agar making into innovative agar agar making methods in this book of pretty little agar agar.  The colors used in this cook book are created using natural colors from fruits, so the dessert stays completely healthy.

Title: Pretty Little Agar Agar

Author: Amy Wong

Language: Bilingual- English and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)

Condition: New

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