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Nian Gao Mold- Gold Ingot

Nian Gao, or Chinese New Year cake, is made from glutinous rice flour.  It is now enjoyed year round but is traditionally popular during Chinese New Year.  You will hear nian gao sometimes called “rice cakes.”  It is considered good luck to eat Nian Gao during Chinese New Year because “nian gao” is a homonym for a “higher year.”  It carries the symbolism of rising higher in the coming year. 

The characters on the base say, “Cai Yuan Guang Jin,” loosely translated into “May wealth and fortune roll in broadly.”

This well-designed plastic mold in the auspicious shape of a Gold Ingot will bring good wishes in the New Year.   Gold Ingots were the currency in ancient China, and they are now symbols of wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture.

Make extras and give them away to your friends, family and business associates to wish them good luck in the coming Lunar New Year. 

Note: Because the mold is detachable and comes apart, it is only suitable for molding pastes and starchy liquids.  It is not suitable for molding jello or making ice. 

The molds can be used to steam nian gao.  Alternatively, they can also be used to shape pate for a luxurious presentation.  The molds can be refrigerated.

Measures: (Ingot Measurements) 5.5 inches (Length) X 3.74 inches (Width) X 2 inches (Middle Dip Height) X 2.75 (Flared Edge Height).

Reusable, not dishwasher safe, hand-washing recommended.

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