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Granny’s Nostalgic Recipes Cookbook

  • Flavors from the past are savored ideas etched in our memories, unforgettable and sentimental. Perhaps some of the traditional treats are still available today, but the authentic tastes-made by traditional skills using natural ingredients are somewhat lost.

    Malaysian veteran culinary instructor Madam Choong Su Yin revives 50 traditional recipes that are generously flavored and infused with love. These recipes- which include wormwood leaf glutinous rice kueh, white layer cake, fried needle noodles and onde-onde- bring back fond memories of those good old days. May they ignite a culinary passion in the young generation in pursuit of the flavors of the past.

    Madam Choong Su Yin passed away after writing this book and this book was published posthumously. This is her final cookbook, and it is a true testament to the legacy she has left behind.

    Title: Granny’s Nostalgic Recipes

    Author: Choong Su Yin

    Language: Bilingual- English and Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)

    Condition: New

    Illustrations: Full color

    Pages: 145

    Publication Date: January 2014

  • Table of Contents

    • About the Author
    • Olden Snacks, Our Collective Memories

    Flavor from the Homeland

    • Wormwood Leaf Glutinous Rice Cake
    • Ramie Leaf Oh Ku Kueh
    • Leek Dumplings
    • Sweet Potato Flat noodles
    • Fried Sweet Potato Flat Noodles
    • Fried Rice Pancake
    • Abacus Beads (Stir-fried Taro Gnocchi with Minced Meat)
    • Seamed Dumpling
    • Savory Rice Pudding
    • Deep-fried Taro Candy
    • Taro Paste with Ginkgo Nut
    • Deep-Fried Amaranth Pancake
    • Sweet and Ssavoury Alkaline Rice Cake
    • White Layer Kueh
    • Deep-fried Sesame Doughnut

    Buns and Pastries

    • Baked BBQ Pork Bun
    • Baked Egg Cake in a Cup
    • Sweet Potato Bun with Turnip
    • Sugar Coated Chinese Doughnut
    • Roasted Pumpkin Bun
    • Taro Steamed Bun
    • Fried Pumpkin Pancake
    • Malay Sponge Cake (Ma Lai Koh)

    Sweet and Savoury Snacks

    • Kampar Fried Needle Noodles
    • Lovely Coconut Sago Ruby (Sagu Kelapa)
    • Steamed Pandan Pudding (Pandan Kueh Kosui)
    • Sweet Potato Glutinous Rice Ball with Grated Coconut (Onde-onde)
    • Steamed Glutinous Rice Cake with Coconut Filling (Kueh Koci Santan)
    • Steamed Tapioca with Coconut Milk Glazing
    • Tapioca Coconut Cake (Bingka Ubi)
    • Taro and Osmanthus Glutinous Rice Ball
    • Clown Pudding
    • Chinese Peanut Pancake (Ban Chien Kueh)
    • Rainbow Agar-Agar
    • Grass Jelly
    • Preserved Mandarin Peel
    • Durian Lovely Roll
    • Traditional Durian Kueh
    • Aromatic Tea Egg
    • Honey Roasted Sweet Potato
    • Easy Stewed Kaya
    • Sweet Sticky Candy (Dodol)

    Crunchy Crisps

    • Fried Turnip Roll
    • Kaya Puff
    • Crispy Fish Cracker
    • Crispy Peanut Dumpling
    • Deep=fried Cashew Nut with Sesame
    • Sesame Stick
    • Crispy Samosa
    • Omapodi
  • Madam Choong Su Yin (Mrs. Deng) has over 30 years of culinary experience. She is currently a culinary consultant to many food and beverage companies around the world. She has travelled extensively around the world to study emerging culinary trends. She is an expert in restaurant style Cantonese and Peranakan Cusine and snacks.

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