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MacShapes- Pre-printed Parchment Paper for Piping Macarons

MacShapes™ is a pre-printed parchment paper for piping macarons. 

Are you still tracing circles on parchment paper when baking macarons? Or, are you buying silicone molds with guides that end up sticking? Then, you have to try the revolutionary new MacShapes™.

MacShapes™is a pre-printed parchment paper with circular guides to provide visual assistance when piping macaron cookies. Simply aim the piping bag at the cross bar in the center of the circle guides and pipe downwards and out. Stop when the batter has reached the outer circle when baking normal sized macaron, and use the inner circle for mini macaron.

Uniform piping ensures even baking, yielding good results, including macarons with the characteristic “feet” and smooth shells.

With MacShapes™, anybody can bake macarons at home with ease. Baking these cookies is pleasurable and fun again.

  • MacShapes™ is 100% made in USA by a leading paper technology company.
  • The ink is food safe and FDA approved, meeting the highest quality standards.
  • MacShapes™ is an original, patent pending product.

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