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Book Information- 3 Main Dishes Plus 1 Soup Cookbook– 13 Sets of Chinese Recipes for a Complete Home Cooked Meal

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3 Plus 1


Various authors

Book Description

This book will show you how to whip up a simple and nutritious four course meal (3 main dishes plus 1 soup) for your family.  There are thirteen sets of recipes in total, meaning that you won’t have to repeat any recipe for two weeks. The book is based on a popular Singaporean show where groups compete to present four dishes for celebrity judges to critique.  This book is perfect for the busy, modern family that wants to cook nutritious and economical family meals.

Table of Contents

  • Set One
    • Steamed Mushroom with Chicken
    • Fried Beansprout with Egg
    • Fried Water Chestnut with Prawn
    • Radish and Pig’s Bone Soup
  • Set Two
    • Steamed Chicken with Red Date and Black Fungus
    • Fried Pork Slices with Black Pepper and Sweet Pea
    • Fried Clams with Ginger
    • Chicken Onion Soup
  • Set Three
    • Sweetened Prime Rib
    • Luffa with Crumbled Egg
    • Dried Bean Curd with Chilli and Anchovy
    • Creamy Corn Soup
  • Set Four
    • Fried Black Pepper Prawn
    • Fried Petai With Minced Pork
    • Chinese Cabbage Roll
    • Black Bone Chicken Soup with Chinese Herbs
  • Set Five
    • Butter Crab
    • Fried Eggplant with Dried Shrimp
    • Claypot Glass Noodles with Prawn
    • Bamboo Fungus Soup with White Fungus and Wolfberry
  • Set Six
    • Pork with Lime Juice
    • Fried Bean Sprout with Prawn
    • Mixed Crab Round
    • Fruit Soup
  • Set Seven
    • Claypot with salted fish, bean curd, and pork belly
    • Stir-fried Cabbage with Black Vinegar and Chilli
    • Conch Salad
    • Stuffed Bitter Gourd in glass Noodles Soup
  • Set Eight
    • Squid Roll with Olive Vegetable and Ginger
    • Fried Papaya with Dried Shrimp
    • Chicken Liver Sauce with Crackers
    • Coconut and Papaya Soup
  • Set Nine
    • Grilled Cod Fish
    • Potato Salad
    • Stewed Chicken Claws with Mushroom and Black Fungus
    • Beansprout Soup
  • Set Ten
    • Chicken with Chu Hou Sauce
    • Fried Pak Choy with Minced Garlic
    • Steamed Egg-white with Needle Mushroom
    • Fish Head and Bean Curd soup
  • Set Eleven
    • Fish Slices with Salted Egg Yolk
    • Trio Vegetable with Dried Shrimp
    • Pipa Bean Curd
    • Sparerib and chicken claw soup with peanut
  • Set Twelve
    • Pineapple fish
    • Creamy Pak Choy with Wolfberry
    • Lychee Prawn
    • Nutritional Soup
  • Set Thirteen
    • Salt and Pepper Chicken
    • Fried Bittergourd with Salted Egg Yolk
    • Fried Clams with Basil
    • Squid in Thick Soup

Publication Date

November 2010


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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