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Book Information- Chinese Tonic Soups Cookbook

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Tonic Soups for Vitality


Choong Su Yin

Book Description

Since thousands of years ago, the Chinese knew how to make use of plants and animals from nature to fill their stomachs, treat illness and regulate bodily functions.  Many emperors tried every means to keep themselves healthy and to strive for longevity.  People understood the importance of tonic food, which the food could help in enhancing the body or treating illnesses.

This book contains soup recipes with various types of Chinese herbs and Chinese Medicines.  The herbs and medicines possess different natures and functions.  They are matched with certain ingredients such as meat, fish, vegetable and fruits to braise into delicious tonic soups.  With a total of 50 double-strewed, long-boiled or boiled soups recipes, you may choose those that suit your appetite and your body’s intrinsic nature to enhance your body and health.  All the medicine and herbs can be easily found in Chinese herbal stores all over the world.

About the Author

Choong Su Yin has over 30 years of culinary experience under her belt. She is currently the culinary consultant of various local and overseas F&B companies and corporations.  She has also travelled to the UK, France, Sweden, Canada, USA, China, Taiwan and many other countries to  further her skills in the culinary arts and to study emerging culinary trends.  She is well known for her skills in preparing restaurant style, Cantonese and Peranakan cuisines and snacks.  She is also a trusted and respected figure in women’s circles.

Table of Contents

  • Nourishing and Healthy Soup
    • Yin-Nourishing Soup with Sha Sheng
    • Fish Health Soup with Chuang Xiong and Bai Zhi
    • American Ginseng and Chicken Soup
    • Ling Zhi and Ginseng Beard Soup
    • Brain Tonic Soup
    • He Shou Wu and Chicken Soup
    • Papaya and White Fungus Soup
    • Hair Soften and Shiny Soup
    • Mulberry Leaf and Pig’s Pancreas Soup
    • Angelica Root and Chicken Soup
    • Cordyceps and Fish Maw Soup
    • Eel and Black Beans Soup
    • Tai Zi Shen and Figs Soup
    • Hippocampus and Syngnathus Soup
    • Kombu and Kelp Soup
    • Coconut and Fish Maw Soup
    • Fresh Ginseng and Chicken Soup
  • Enhances Bones, Muscle and Kidney, improves Rheumatism, Health Treatment Soups
    • Ba Ji and Pork Tendon Soup
    • Ginseng and Deer Tendon Soup
    • Du Zhong and Pig’s Tail Soup
    • Niu Da Li and Pork Rib Soup
    • Niu Xi and Pork Rib Soup
    • Niu Da Li and Tu Fu Ling Soup
    • Du Zhong and Jin Gou Ji Soup
  • Expels Heat and Dampness, Nourishes the Lung, Improves Digestion, Healthy and Long-Stewed Soups.
    • Chicken and Fish Maw Soup
    • Mulberry and Pig’s Pancreas Soup
    • Rice Batter with Chicken Soup
    • Tian Guan Cao and Pearl Barley Soup
    • Winter Melon and Dried Conch Soup
    • Radish and Conch Soup
    • Fen Ge and Giant Perch Snapper Soup
    • Pear and Almond Soup
    • Night-blooming Cereus Soup
    • Bak Kut Teh
    • Corn Beard and Pig’s Pancreas Soup
    • Teo Chew Pig’s Stomach Soup
    • Lemongrass and Old Chicken Soup
  • Quick-cooked, Appetizing and Delicious Homemade Soups
    • Carp Fish Tail and Angled Luffa Soup
    • Hakka Glutinous Rice Wine and Chicken Soup
    • Rice Wine and Chicken Soup
    • Pineapple and Prawn Soup
    • Boil Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber Soup
    • Four Treasure Radish Soup
    • Salted Mustard and Duck Soup
    • Mummy’s Healthy Soup
    • Salted Fish Head and Bean Curd Soup
    • Water Melon Rind Soup
    • Spicy Chinese Marrow Soup
    • Sweet and Sour Fish Soup
    • Taro’s Stalk, Prawn and Peppercorn Soup

Publication Date

November 2009


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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