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Book Information- Cookies & Cake Baking Cookbook

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Cookies and Cake Whispers


Elisabeth Siahaja

Book Description

Cookies and Cake Whispers Cookbook features 22 creative and aromatic cookie and cake recipes that are sure to open up your baking repertoire. The cookbook also reveals a number of extraordinary baking tips that will allow you to master the art of making delicious cookies and cakes.

About the Author

Elisabeth Siahaja is the head instructor of Sugarcraft Baking Academy.  Born into a family of bakers, her interest in baking blossomed at a very young age through her mother’s influence. 

Elisabeth was trained at several cake decoration and baking centers in Australia.  She became a member of the Cake Decorators Association of Victoria to gain more knowledge in decorating and baking.

She furthered her studies at the American Institute of Baking where she majored in the  Science of Baking in Bread, Cake and Ingredients Technology.  She also completed both Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses with distinction from the City and Guilds of London.  She is presently a member of the British Sugarcraft Guild in London and International Cake Exploration Societe (ICES) based in USA.

She enjoys her work tremendously because she likes to inspire and encourage her students to become successful bakers and decorators. 

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • About Elisabeth Siahaja
  • Commonly Used ingredients
  • Commonly Used Molds and Tools
  • Recipes
    • Cake
      • Simply Irresistible Prune Chocolate Cake
      • Unbaked White Chocolate Cheesecake
      • Chocolate Mint Brownies
      • Mocha Layer Cake
      • Chocolate Cream Cheesecake
      • Petit Strawberry Cupcake
      • Moist Chocolate Caramel Cake
      • Blueberry Bavarian Cake
      • Chocolate Pistachio Torte
      • Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake
    • Cookies
      • Toscana Cookies
      • Moon Shadow Cookies
      • Marble Brownie Cookies
      • English Minced Chocolate Short Cookies
      • Garlic Herb Oat Cookies
      • Curry spice Cookies
      • Sesame Chicken Floss Cookies
      • Spinach Cookies
      • Tom Yam Kung Cookies
      • Green Tea Snow Cookies
      • Lemon Tea Cookies
      • Chrysanthemum Tea Cookies

Publication Date

February 2009


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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