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Book Information- Cupcake Cookbook

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Cupcake Fairytales


Connie Leaw

Book Description

Cupcake baking and decorating have come a long way.  Over the years, cupcakes have become prettier and even more interesting.  In Cupcake Fairytales, you will learn everything you need to know about creating perfectly decorated cupcakes.  Try new flavors, textures and decorations never seen before in cupcake designs.

About the Author

Ms. Connie Leaw is an owner of a baking and confectionery shop.  Her shop is well loved by her customers for impeccable service and also innovative cake customization.

In Cupcake Fairytales, you will discover Connie’s thoughtfulness and care as she shares her recipes for crafting innovative cupcake recipes.  The cupcakes are beautifully decorated and taste fantastic. 

Table of Contents

  • Author’s Biography
  • The Art of Cupcakes
  • Recipes
    • Sweetheart Cupcake
    • Flower Vase
    • Brownie cupcake
    • Pumpkin Cupcake
    • Little Mario
    • Golden Cupcake
    • Cheese Strawberry Cupcake
    • Double Cheese Cupcake
    • Cherry in the House
    • Mini Chocolate Custard Cream
    • Snow White
    • Blueberries Muffin
    • Choc Banana Pecan Nut
    • Strawberry Cupcake
    • Indiana Jones
    • Lemon Cupcake
    • Red Bean Pea Cupcake
    • Paper Cupcake
    • Double Chocolate
    • Black and White
    • Milky Cupcake
    • Honey B
    • Choc Mint Club
    • Pink Bullets
    • Mousse Cupcake
    • Rocky Mountain
    • Little Velvet
    • Rosie Cheese Cupcake
    • Mouse Hunt
    • Cheese Pound Cake
    • Sweet Corn Cupcake
    • Ocha Cupcake
    • Mocha Oreo Cupcake
    • Lion King
    • Little Apple
    • Peanut Cupcake
    • Mini Rainbow
    • Sunflower Cupcake
    • Zombie
    • Lovely Mallows Cupcake
    • The Cherries Cupcake
    • Tropicana Cactus Cupcake
    • Cappuccino Cupcake
    • Black Sesame Cupcake
    • Breakfast Cereal Cupcake
    • Buttermilk Musical
    • Cocoa Vanilla Cupcake
    • Cornflake Cupcake
    • Gui Hua Tea Cupcake

Publication Date

April 2010


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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