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Book Information- Curries of Malaysia, Indonesia, India & Thailand Cookbook

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Curry Flavor


Patsie Cheong

Book Description

With a history dating back to a thousand years, the fragrant aroma of curry has charmed people over many generations.  Its irresistible and distinctive scent is produced through a mixture of spices.  Savor a mouthful and be enamored by its rich and memorable flavor.

Let celebrity chef Patsie Cheong impart you with unique curry making recipes in this cookbook, which enables all curry lovers to master the ropes of preparing delicious curry dishes that are favored in various Asian countries.

About the Author

Patsie Cheong is a native of Kuala Lumpur.  She is an incredibly accomplished culinary expert with over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry.  She is an author of close to 20 cookbooks which have all been bestsellers.  Her cookbook titled 31 Snacks for Asian Cuisine Lovers was awarded the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Hong Kong.  She is highly sought after by food manufacturers and cookware companies for product development and promotion. Patsie is an esteemed and well-loved celebrity chef.  Kampung Curry is one of her best works.

Table of Contents

  • Basic Curry Paste
    • Malaysian Curry Paste
    • Malaysian Sambal Paste
    • Indonesian Curry Paste
    • Indonesian Sambal Paste
    • Indian Curry Paste
    • Indian Kurma Curry Paste
    • Thai Chilli in Fish Sauce Paste
    • Thai Spicy Chilli Paste
  • Malaysian Curry
    • Special Chicken with Chilli
    • Curry Chee Cheong Fun
    • Curry Herring Fish with Jackfruit
    • Curry Beef with Candlenuts
    • Egg Bomb Sambal Bean Curd
    • Speciy Fried Fish
    • Mamak Stall Nasi Lemak
    • Grilled Crab
    • Malaysian Curry Laksa
    • Satay Mutton Rice
    • Portuguese Grilled Seafood
    • Sambal Coconut Chicken
    • Kampung Style Sambal Anchovies
    • Barbecue Chicken Wings with Spicy Sauce
    • Delicious Kampung Sambal
    • Spicy and Sour Clams
    • Stingray and Vegetable Curry
    • Prawns with Coconut Milk and Bamboo Shoots
  • Indonesian Curry
    • Special Indonesian Curry Chicken
    • Jakarta Spicy Chicken
    • Javanese Sweet and Spicy Beef
    • Stir-fried Crab with Pineapple
    • Indonesian Urap Rice
    • Salted Fish with Blimbing
    • Stir-fried Sambal Mussels
    • Sambal Tempeh
    • Barbeque Prawns with Pandan Leaves
  • Indian Curry
    • Chicken Ala Kashmir
    • Deep Fried Curry Chicken
    • Delicious Curry Crab
    • Indian Coconut Crisp
    • Indian Rojak Dumpling
    • Indian Rojak Sauce
    • Whole Set of Indian Rojak
    • Lamb Chops Curry
    • Potato Omelette Curry
    • Stingray with Sanck Gourd Curry
    • Vegetable Kurma Curry
    • Tomato Bryani Rice
  • Thai Curry
    • Bangkok Steamed Fragrant Rice
    • Crispy Prawns with Thai Chilli Sauce
    • Stir-fried chicken with Fresh Basil Leaves
    • Roast Chicken with Lemongrass
    • Kerabu Rice with Salted Fish
    • Stir-fried Tom Yam Prawns
    • Crispy Fish with Mango
    • Thai Style Curry Beef
    • Thai Style Fried Bean Curd
    • Volcano Chicken

Publication Date

May 2008


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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