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Book Information- Genki Fruit Juice Book

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Genki Fruit Juice


Guo Yu Fang

Book Description

This book explores the unique nature of fruits and vegetables and combines them in a beverage to nourish your body.  See never before seen unique recipes, their natural characteristics and what they can do to boost your health.  From simple fruit juices to blended drinks, this is a book that is a must have for the health conscious, the daily juicer looking to add new recipe combinations, and also those looking for a special beverage to serve their loved ones.

About the Author

Master Gou is a native of Taipei City.  She is a researcher and expert in food and nutrition.  Her expertise is in food consultancy and specializes in vegetable and fruit juice research.  Besides concocting various types of healthy fruit juices, she also keeps detailed records of food ingredients that can be suitably matched with one another, and actively recommends fresh and healthy vegetable and fruit juice to the general public.  In Taiwan, Master Guo is well sought after by television and broadcast media on food and nutrition. She is bestowed with the title “Queen of Fruit Juice” by cookbook publishers.

Table of Contents

  • Juice
    • Milk and Fresh Fruits Mixed Juice
    • Fresh Plum Juice
    • Burdock and Kumquat Juice
    • Water Chestnut and Fresh Fruit Juice
    • Bitter Gourd And Fresh Fruit Juice
    • Guava Mixed Juice
    • Carrot Mixed Juice
    • Pineapple and Kiwi Fruits Juice
    • Pear and Lychee Juice
    • Lettuce and Strawberry Juice
    • Cherry and Viable Drinks
    • Mixed Nuts and Carrot Juice
    • Mango and Fresh Fruit Juice
    • Red Dragon Fruit Juice
    • Fresh Milk and Avocado Juice
    • Fresh Fruit Juice with Soy Milk
    • Mixed Fruit Juice with Green Apple
    • Mixed Fruit Juice with Tomato
    • Mixed Fruit Juice with Passion Fruit
    • Fresh Durian Juice with Milk
    • Lotus Root and Prune Juice
    • Mixed Fruit Juice with Banana
    • Fresh Pear Juice
    • Fresh Cranberry and Grape Juice
    • Gold Yogurt and Fresh Fruit Juice
    • Pitaya and Kiwi Juice with Yogurt
    • Watermelon, Cranberry and Lemon Juice
    • Fresh Honey Dew Juice
    • Cashew Juice with Celery
  • Soup and Tea
    • White fungus soup with lily bulb
    • High Calcium Corn Soup
    • Ginger Tea with Pear
  • Jam and Paste
    • Blueberry Mixed Jam
    • Homemade Chilli Sauce
    • Fresh Prawn Paste
  • Milky Drinks
    • Chick Pea and Cashew Nut Milk
    • Healthy Pine Nut milk with Chinese Yam
    • Lotus Rice Milk with Sweet Almonds
    • Milky Mung beans with Pumpkin
    • Milky Chinese Yam with Black Bean
    • Milky Red Bean with Lotus root and Longan
    • Healthy Milky Pine Nut
    • Milky Oat and Sesame with Sweet Potato
    • Milky Osmanthus
    • Healthy Milky Chestnut
    • Rice Milk with Red Date
    • Coconut Milk with Red Bean and Yam
  • Ice Blended
    • Ice Blended Mixed Fruits
    • Ice Blended Soy Milk, Coconut and Coffee
    • Ice Blended Cranberry and Lychee
    • Ice Blended tomato and Perilla
    • Ice Blended Pineapple

Publication Date

August 2010


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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