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Book Information- Holiday Festival Cookie Cookbook

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Cookies for all Occasions


Patsie Cheong

Book Description

As at all traditional gatherings for the holidays, food plays an especially important role in the New Year Festival.  Malaysian and Singaporeans often prepare cookies or biscuits to be served or given as gifts during Chinese New Year.  Homemade cookies and baked goods taste much better than store bought cookies.  Let this book show you how to bake these Chinese New Year goodies and cookies so that you can create these festive cookies for all your holiday celebrations.

About the Author

Patsie Cheong is a native of Kuala Lumpur.  She is an incredibly accomplished culinary expert with over 30 years of experience in the food and beverage industry.  She is an author of close to 20 cookbooks which have all been bestsellers.  Her cookbook titled 31 Snacks for Asian Cuisine Lovers was awarded the Gourmand World Cookbook Award in Hong Kong.  She is highly sought after by food manufacturers and cookware companies for product development and promotion. Patsie is an esteemed and well-loved celebrity chef.  Kampung Curry is one of her best works.

Table of Contents

  • About Chef Pastie Cheong
  • Tips for Making Cookies
  • Recipes
    • Almond Cookie
    • Almond Oat Cookie
    • Black and White Sesame Seed Cookie
    • Black Sesame Mix Seeds Cookies
    • Blackcurrant Cookie
    • Bubble Rice Cookie
    • Cashew Nut Cookie
    • Cheese Cookie
    • Cherody Cookie
    • Chewy Chocolate-Chunk Cookie
    • Chocolate Chips Cookie
    • Chocolate Cookie Stick
    • Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie
    • Chocolate Rice Sprinkle
    • Coconut Choc Biscuit
    • Coffee Butter Biscuit
    • Cranberry Cookie
    • Crispy Cake Biscuit
    • Croquant Biscuit
    • Doughnut Shaped Cookie
    • Gold Finger
    • Green Pea Cookie
    • Halloween Spider’s Web
    • Japanese Seaweed Biscuit
    • Lemon Biscuit
    • London Cookie
    • Lotus Seed Paste Cookie
    • Macadamia Cookie
    • Matches Stick
    • Mini Boat
    • Mix Fruits Biscuit
    • Nestum Raisin Cookie
    • Noble Man Biscuit
    • Onion Margarine Cookie
    • Peanut Partner
    • Peanut Chocolate Cookie
    • Pistachio Biscuit
    • Poppyseed Cookie
    • Roasted Sotong Cookie
    • Rolled Oat Cookie
    • Sakura Biscuit
    • Walnut Lotus Seed Biscuit
    • Sandwich Chocolate Cream Cookie
    • Simple Butter Cookie
    • Sunflower Cookie
    • Flower Blooming Cookie
    • Dark Chocolate Biscuit
    • Five Happiness Titbit

Publication Date

June 2011


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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