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Book Information- Kueh Cookbook

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Kueh Flavor


Wong Kim Meng 

Book Description

Kueh or Kuih are bite sized food items in Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.   They are usually sweet and intricate creations. The term kueh can be used to describe small cakes, cookies and puddings. Kueh (Kuihs) come in different shapes, colors, textures and designs.  Some are filled with bean paste, some are coated with grated coconut, some are wrapped with banana leaves or sliced into wedges and some are layered.  Their presentation and flavors always evoke a nostalgic feeling.  Making kueh (kuih) is easy, and this cookbook will show you both classic and new kueh recipes.  Simply follow the easy steps provided by Master Wong Kim Meng and you will be well on your way to making kuehs at home. 

About the Author

Mr. Wong Kim Meng has over 20 years of culinary experience.  He has been learning the art of making kueh (kuihs) and pastries for many years.  He has used his experience in kueh (kuih) making to create new varieties of kueh (kuihs).  His cookbook showcases the old and traditional kueh (kuih)recipes, as well as the new recipes he has created.  Some of his best creations are a genius combination of Hong Kong Red Bean Cupcake, Indonesian Pandan and Palm Sugar Kueh (kuih), and Hainan Coconut Kueh (kuih). 

Table of Contents

  • About the Author
  • General Tips of Kueh (Kuih)
  • Commonly Used Ingredients
  • Recipes
    • Tapioca and Honey Kueh (Kuih)
    • Alkaline Kueh (Kuih) with Palm Sugar
    • Hainan Coconut Kueh (Kuih)
    • Coconut Balls with Lotus Seed Paste
    • Black and White Glutinous Rice
    • Chocolate and Coconut Milk Kueh (Kuih)
    • Mung Bean and Red Bean Layers Kueh (Kuih)
    • Indonesian Pandan and Palm Sugar Kueh (Kuih)
    • Coffee Layer Cake
    • Coffee and Tapioca Kueh (Kuih)
    • Rainbow Sago Kueh (Kuih)
    • Soft Corn Kueh (Kuih)
    • Hong Kong Red Bean Cupcakes
    • Guang Dong Yam Cake
    • Colorful Tapioca Kueh (Kuih)
    • Cotton Jelly Cake
    • Sweet Potato and Yam Pudding
    • Tapioca Pastry with Kaya
    • Egg Yolk Layer Cake
    • Chives Pancake
    • Goldfish Redbean Pao
    • Salted  Yam Ang Ku Kueh (Kuih)
    • Pandan Glutinous Rice Cake
    • Sago and Red Bean Roll
    • Durian Cupcake
    • Indonesia Pumpkin Cake
    • Indonesia Grated Coconut Cake
    • Indonesia Yam Cake
    • Thai Flower Cake
    • Thai Sweet Potato Cake
    • Thai Mung Bean Fruits
    • Sago Cake with Chicken Fillings
    • Thai Peanut Dumpling
    • Jade Pudding
    • Red Date Kueh (Kuih)

Publication Date

November 2009


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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