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Book Information- Nourishing Chinese Soups Cookbook

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The World of Nourishing & Fine Soups


Kenny Chen

Book Description

Health, wellness, love and compassion amalgamate in a bowl of nourishing soup served daily over a long period of time. The World of Nourishing & Fine Soups offers 62 soup recipes prepared with traditional Chinese herbs using easy-to-cook methods. Every recipe provides different functions to improve health. With the book, you may always share the happiness of having good health with your family and loved ones.

About the Author

Mr. Kenny Chen is a 3rd generation medicinal herbalist who took over his family’s herb trading business, Soon King Cheong, in 1989. Mr. Chen has made challenging trips to the Chang Bai Mountain in Mainland China to seek valuable wild ginseng in 1995 and 1998.  He also explored remote caves in Indonesia in 1995 to source for a continuous supply of quality bird’s nest.  He also travels frequently to Hong Kong to personally select and bring back the best quality herbs.  He studied at the Chinese Medicine Association in the 70’s and attended a Medical and Culture Seminar in Jin Yu state in He Nan Province of China to further his knowledge and commitment to understanding medicinal Chinese herbs.

Table of Contents

  • About Kenny Chan
  • Various Types of Soups
  • Fundamentals of Stewing Soups
  • Advantages of Consuming Soups
  • FAQs of Consuming Soups
  • Commonly Used Ingredients
  • Seafood Soaking Process
  • Recipes Included:
    • Seafood Classic Soup Recipes
      • Monks Jump Over the Wall
      • Dancing Buddha Soup
      • Fish Mall with Wild Bamboo Fungus
      • Dried Scallop Soup with Bamboo Fungus and Baby Cabbage
      • Scallop Soup with Hairy Gourd
      • Chicken Soup with Yat Yuet Fish and Melon
      • Chicken Soup with Pumpkin
    • Ginseng Soup Recipes
      • Panax Notoginseng Soup with Burdock and American Ginseng
      • Panax Notoginseng Soup with Black Dates
      • Panax notoginseng Soup with spare ribs
      • Panax Notoginseng Slimming Soup
    • Cordyceps Soup Recipes
      • Cordyceps Soup with Fish Maw
      • Cordycep Soup with Yat Yuet Fish
      • Cordycep Soup with Grouper
      • Cordycep Soup with Wolfberry and Chinese Yam
    • Ginseng Classic Soup Recipes
      • The Four Heavenly Kings
      • Kampong Chicken Soup with American Wild Ginseng
      • American Ginseng Soup with Pueraria Root
    • Birds Nest Classic Soup Recipes
      • Indonesia Bird’s Nest Soup
      • Indonesia Bird’s Nest Soup with American Ginseng
      • Indonesia Bird’s Nest Soup with Three Treasures
    • Yin Yang Tonic Soup Recipes
      • Yang Xin Ning Shen Soup
      • Si Shen Soup
      • Lotus Seed Soup with Walnut
      • Tian Ma Soup
      • Lily Flower Soup
      • Spare Rib Soup with Black Bean and Lotus Seed
      • Chinese Knotweed Root Soup
      • Lotus Seed Soup with Salomonseal Rhizome
    • Qi and Blood Tonic Soup
      • Chicken Soup with Chinese Yam and Carrot
      • Bei Qi Jiang Tang Soup
      • Epimedium Leaf Soup
      • Black Bean Soup with Chinese Knotweed Root
      • Ten Tonic Duck Soup
      • Blackbone Chicken Soup with Ba Zhen
    • Cooling and Detox
      • Burdock Root with Black Bean Soup
      • Twins Bean Soup with Pueraria Root
      • Fresh Chinese Yam Soup with Corn
      • Dendrobium Soup
      • Fig Fruit Soup
      • Six Flavor Soup with Jicama
      • Pueraria Root Soup
      • Chicken Soup with Pueraria Root and Poria Cocos
      • Six Flavors Soup
    • Vegetarian Qi and Blood Tonic Soup Recipes
      • Lotus Root Soup with Lotus Seed
      • Sweetened Ginseng Soup with Almond
      • Wild Bamboo Fungus Soup with Fresh Chinese Yam
      • Pear Soup with Chuanbei and American Ginseng
    • Vegetarian Cooling and Detox Soup Recipes
      • Eight Treasures Soup
      • Hairy Gourd Soup with Lentil Beans
      • Four Treasures Soup
      • Lotus Seed Soup
      • Mushroom Soup with Pumpkin
      • Chinese Yam Soup with Barley
      • Wolfberry Sweet Soup with White Fungus
      • Lotus Seed Soup
      • Mushroom Soup with Pumpkin
      • Chinese Yam Soup with Barley
      • Wolfberry Sweet Soup with White Fungus
      • Lotus Root Soup with Peanut and Mushroom Stem
    • Soups for Resolving Phlegm and Cough
      • Apple Soup with Kernel Almonds
      • Chuanbei Nourishing Lungs Soup
      • Pear Soup with Chuanbei
    • Heat Clearing and Detox Soup
      • Buddha Fruit Suop
      • Antelope’s Horn and Mak Dong Soup
      • Laminariae Sweet Soup with Green Bean

Publication Date

December 2007


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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