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Book Information- Oishii Japan- Delicious Japanese Food Cookbook

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Oishii Japan


Edwin Tan

Book Description

Japanese cuisine is known for its simplicity and relentless pursuit of perfection.  From the selection of ingredients to the décor and arrangement of the plating, the emphasis is not just on the delicate and exquisite skills of the chef, it also reflects the real essence of authentic Japanese cuisine. Be astounded as renowned Japanese cuisine chef Edwin Tan stimulates your senses with an assortment of elegantly prepared Japanese dishes that are remarkably eye-catching and deliciously superb.

About the Author

Chef Edwin Tan started his career at the age of 15 years old.  It took him 8 years to rise up the ranks to become Assistant Sous Chef in Matsuki Japanese Restaurant at the Pinetree Club.  He was later promoted to the Executive chef of this exclusive restaurant. Chef Edwin also appears regularly on TV and radio programs.  In his first book, he will share with you the secrets of Japanese cuisine in this fully colored cookbook.  Every dish presented will have an accompanying image to show the complete presentation.  Detailed recipes suitable for the home cook or an executive chef who is looking to add more menu items. 

Table of Contents

  • Forward by Sundaresh Menon
  • About the Author
  • Recipes
    • Appetizer/ Otsumami
      • Japanese Tomato  Salad (Wafu Tomato Salad)
      • Potato Salad (Jagaimo Salada)
      • Cold Spinach (Horenso Ohitashi)
      • Vinaigrette White Bait (Shirauo Nanbantsuke)
      • Vinaigrette Seafood with Wakame and Cucumber (Kaisen Sunomono)
      • Raw Tuna with Mountain Yam (Maguro Yamakake)
      • Cold Tofu (Hiyayakko)
      • Vinaigrette Fresh Scallops with Mountain Yam (Hotatei No Tororo Jitate)
      • Grilled Eggplant Vinaigrette (Nasu To Negi Tsuke)
      • Thinly Sliced Salmon with Roe and Truffle (Sake Carpaccio)
      • Special Fermented Beans (Natto Special)
    • Grilled or Pan-Fried Dishes/ Yakimono
      • Grilled Scallops with Mayonnaise (Hotatei Mayo Yaki)
      • Grilled Tomato Bacon Roll (Bacon Tomato Yaki)
      • Pan-Fried Chicken with Teriyaki Sauce (Tori Teriyaki)
      • Cheesy Tofu (Tofu Cheese Yaki)
      • Eggplant with Bean Paste (Beinasu Dengaku)
      • Beef Roll (Gyu Nanban Yaki)
      • Grilled Meatball with Miso (Tsukune Miso Yaki)
      • Black Pork with Ginger Sauce (Kuro Buta Shogayaki)
      • Tuna Steak (Maguro Steak)
      • Stir-Fried Short Neck Clams with Butter (Asari Batayaki)
      • Charcoal Grilled Lamb Rack (Hitsuji Niku Sumibi Yaki)
    • Steamed Dishes/Mushimono
      • Crab Meat Egg Custard (Kani Kaori Mushi)
      • Steamed Lobster and Radish (Iseebi Daikon Ankake)
      • Teapot Soup (Dobin Mushi)
      • Steamed Sea Bass with Grated Mountain Yam (Suzuki No Tororo Mushi)
      • Steamed Winter Melon with Mashed Prawn (Togan Soboro Mushi)
      • Steamed Short Neck Clams with Vegetable in Sake (Asari Sakamushi)
    • Deep Fried Dishes/Agemono
      • Deep-Fried Minced Prawn Roll (Ebi Shinjyo Asparagus Age)
      • Deep-Fried Minced Prawn with Lotus Root (Lenkon Hasamiage)
      • Fried Tofu with Bonito Flakes (Tosaage Tofu)
      • Deep Fried Prawns with Sweet Corn (Ebi Toumorokoshi Ball)
    • Simmered Dishes/Nimono
      • Simmered Eel with Tofu Sandwich (Unagi Tofu Hakatani)
      • Goose Liver and Braised Radish (Foie Gras To Daikon Ni)
      • River Eel in Pot (Unagi Yanagawa)
      • Simmered Pork Belly in Shoyu (Buta Kakuni)
      • Simmered Beef with Potato (Niku Jaga)
    • Soups/Owanmono
      • Lobster Miso Soup (Iseebi Miso Jiru)
      • Pork Belly Soup (Tonjiru)
      • Tuna with Leek Hot Pot (Negima Nabe)
      • Cod Claypot (Tara Chili Nabe)
    • Noodles and Rice Dishes
      • Sushi in Martini Glass (Nakaouchi Glass)
      • Claypot Udon (Nabeyaki Udon)
      • Stir-Fried Beef in Thin Somen Noodles (Gyuniku Somen)
      • Chicken and Egg in Rice Bowl (Oyako Don)
      • Raw Tuna on Rice (Tekka Don)
      • Soft Shell Crab Handroll (Kani Karaage Temaki)
      • Seaweed Roll (California Maki)
    • Desserts
      • Pumpkin Cake (Kabocha Cake)
      • Plum Wine Jelly (Umeshu Jelly)

      Publication Date

      November 2011


      Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


      Full color



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