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Book Information- The Sarawak Food Cookbook

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Favourites of Sarawak


Vincs Huang

Book Description

Sarawak is embraced by the tropical rainforest of Borneo, a network of rivers, clear blue skies and seas, as well as the rich indigenous culture and the history of Chinese settlers.  You will easily fall in love with this piece of land from many different angles.   Let’s start with the food.  Sarawak food and its unique indigenous cuisine and its Chinese variations developed from years of fusion. Make Sarawak cuisine easily at home and let this detailed cookbook guide you.  You will be instantly transported to the indigenous culture in Sarawak.

About the Author

Vincs Huang is a celebrity chef in Malaysia. His cooking specialty is East and West Malaysian Cuisine. He is a contributor as a food columnist in many local newspapers and magazines. As an authority in Malaysian cuisine, he has been invited to observe and guest judge many international food competitions.  He is a Sarawak native and wants to share the rich heritage of his motherland’s cuisine to an international audience.     

Table of Contents

  • Author Preface
  • My Food Paradise-Kuching 
  • Author Profile
  • Editor’s Note
  • Forward: President of President of Sarawak Tourism Federation
  • The Taste of Different Chinese Cuisines
  • Localized Side Dishes and Desserts in Kuching
  • Recommended local products, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Outskirts of Kuching
  • Adventures at the Wet Market
  • Recipes
    • Teochew Cuisine
      • Teochew Braised Trotters
      • Braised Duck
      • Braised Duck with Chai Tow (Pickled Vegetables)
      • Braised Mutton Soup
      • Teochew Noddle Thread
      • Teochew Steamed Fish with Rice Noodle
      • Jade Chicken with Ham
      • Zhejiang Vinegar Prawn
      • Chessboard Duck
      • Fried Corn with Crab Meat
      • Salted Fish with Minced Meat
      • Fried Fish with Pepper
      • Tai Chi Teochew Mashed Yam
      • Crystal Dumplings
      • Teochew Fried Oyster
      • Fried Beef Offal
      • Fried Galangal with Chicken
    • Hainan Cuisine
      • Braised Trotter
      • Steamed Duck with Flavored Sauce (Jia Ji Duck)
      • Fried Pineapple with Prawns
      • Hainanese Fried Vegetables with Glass Noodles
      • Eight Treasures Rice
      • Hainan Glutinous Rice Dumplings
      • Yi Pastry
    • Fuzhou Cuisine and Local Chinese Cuisines
      • Motherwort Herb and Chicken Soup
      • Fried Rice with Black Olives
      • Ang Chow String Noodle (red Rice Wine Noodle Thread)
      • Ang Chow Chicken (Red Rice Wine Chicken)
      • Hot and Sour Chicken
      • Fried Sweet Leaves with Noodle Thread
      • Fried Sweet Leaves with Baby Corn
    • Seafood and Fried Dishes
      • Braised Native Chicken
      • Pan-Fried Crayfish
      • Fried Cucumber with Shrimp Paste
      • Fried and Braised Fish
      • Fish with Beer
    • Original and Delicious Indigenous Dishes of Sarawak
      • Umbut Kalapa (Fried Coconut Shoot)
      • Ulam (Lady Finger with Chili)
      • Fried Midin
      • Pansoh Ayam Sarawak (Cooked Chicken in Bamboo)
      • Pansoh Ikan Sarawak (Cooking Fish in Bamboo)
      • Fish and Terong Soup
      • Chicken soup in Coconut Juice
      • Tapai Kayu Ubi (Fermented Tapioca)
      • Pisang Tandok (Sarawak Styled Steamed Banana)
      • Botok-Botok (Fish paste in banana leaves)
      • Sarawak Acar Timun (Sarawak Pickled Cucumber)
      • Bubur Pedas Sarawak (Spicy Porridge)
      • Tuak (Sarawak Rice Wine)
      • Linut (Sago Starch)
      • Tumpit Tepung Sagu (Sago Pancake)

    Publication Date

    July 2009


    Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


    Full color



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