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Book Information- Vegetarian Dim Sum Cookbook

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Dim Sum Goes Vegetarian


Chin Mun Chong

Book Description

This cookbook shows you how to modify simple vegetarian ingredients into delicious snacks and soups.  The book contains over 50 tasty recipes for vegetarian dim sum, pastries and dessert soups.  The recipes are also prepared in a variety of different ways- steamed, deep fried, baked or boiled in easy to follow recipes.  Perfect for the health conscious or vegetarian looking for creative, new ways to prepare dim sum and snacks.

About the Author

Mr. Chin Mun Chong is an executive chef with over 20 years of experience.  He specializes in both Chinese and western cuisines and is an expert in modifying simple ingredients into special and delicious dishes.

This cookbook is a compilation of recipes written by Mr. Chin based on his years of experiences in preparing vegetarian dim sum.  The easy to follow recipe presented in this book enable vegetarian food lovers to prepare healthy and delicious dim sum and pastries with ease.

Table of Contents

  • Steamed Dim Sum
    • Prawn Dumplings (Har Gao-Vegetarian)
    • Chinese Cabbage Dumplings
    • Goldfish Dumplings
    • Siew Mai Dumplings
    • Dumplings Soup
    • Steamed Yam Cake
    • Steam Glutinous Rice with Vegetarian Meat
    • Louts Leaf Steamed Rice
    • Big Pao (Big Chicken Bun)
    • Char Siew Pao (Char Siew Bun-Vegetarian)
    • Rose Pao (Rose Bun)
    • Lotus Seed Paste Bun
    • Porcupine Pao
    • Mini Longevity Peach
    • Cocao Pao
    • Steamed Pumpkin Cake
    • Steamed Sweet Potato Cake
    • Little Duck
    • Water Chestnut and Red Bean Cake
  • Fried Dim Sum
    • Pan-Fried Dumplings
    • Crispy Chinese Pancake
    • Shanghai Pancake
    • Fried White Radish Cake
    • Crispy Yam Rolls
    • Bread Rolls
    • Wafer Salad
    • Fried Sesame Dumplings
    • Fried Vegetable Dumplings
    • Pear-shaped Dumplings
    • Fried Yam Dumplings
    • Fried Carrot Cake
    • Fried Chinese Toon Cake
  • Baked Dim Sum
    • Coconut Tarts
    • Flower Pastries
    • Chrysanthemum Pastries
    • Chick Pastries
    • Sparrow Pastries
    • Sweetheart Cake
    • Siew Pao
    • Baked Char Siew Pastries
  • Boiled Dim Sum
    • Pumpkin and Corn Puree (Pumpkin and Corn Soup)
    • Peanut Puree (Sweet Peanut Soup)
    • Sago Puree with Honeydew
    • Milk Pudding
    • Bean Curd Pudding with Longan
    • Snowy Red Bean Rolls
    • Rose Dumplings Soup
    • Peanut Dumplings
    • Vegetable Rolls
    • Sweet and Sour Rolls

Publication Date

September 2008


Bilingual, English & Mandarin Chinese (Simplified)


Full color



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