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Browncookie Testimonials

"Your site and available supplies just gets better and better."

- Georgia, 7/29/13

"You now have a happy, new and loyal customer!"

- Anne, 7/28/13

"I am really impressed by your customer service! I placed an order January 9th and got it on the 11th. Cannot wait to start using my mooncake mold."

- Cynthia, 1/11/13

"I have been looking for this alphabet set for YEARS! Thank you."

- Kit, 12/18/12

"Your shipping is lightning fast!"

- Julie, 11/30/12

"You have a great range of items reasonably priced and I will complete my current order and will recommend you to fellow foodies."

- Ellie, 11/18/12

"I appreciate your effort to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. I will continue to refer your company and be a repeat customer."

- Shannon, 9/10/12

 "Thank you for your prompt and courteous customer service."

- Susan, 6/15/11

"I am a pastry chef and I love that you offer so many unique tools that I have never seen for sale in the United States."

- Jason, 1/16/12

"Your staff went above and beyond in helping me with my questions. Thank you so much!"

- Nancy, 4/20/11

"Thanks for the great service. We love your products!"

- Laura, 12/15/11

"I have shared the product info with my coworkers and they were very excited too. Look for future orders from us! I appreciate the quick and friendly response that I received to my e-mail. This has certainly secured me as a future customer of Brown Cookie, and I will be sure to share my positive experience with my friends and coworkers!"

- Kara, 3/16/12

"Thank you for your quick response to my questions. I am a baker and I am always on the lookout for unusual and unique baking tools.  I like your site and I am anxious to try your products. You have been so kind to take the time to respond to me, I will definitely purchase from you.  You have good customer service and that is worth the wait."

- Kim, 2/12/11

"Thank you for getting back to me so quickly."

- Katie, 5/2/11

"Thank you so much for honoring my request! That is very nice of you. I'm a tickled pink happy customer already and haven't even placed my order yet! Thank you once again."

- Holly, 1/14/11

"I love cooking and baking and I'll be promoting your products to other friends here!"

- Geraldyn, 2/1/11

"I will certainly tell my neighbors about your wonderful store with your unusual and great products as well as your very attentive and prompt customer service!!"

- Dee, 12/11/10

"Love your site!  I'm going to be a stylin' hostess and my neighbors will want to know all my secrets.... mainly, Brown Cookie!"

- Dee, 12/11/10

"Thank you for the great service. I referred you to some of my friends last night. Expect some orders from them! We love your products!"

- Laura, 12/15/11

"Thanks so much for getting back to me, on the weekend no less!"

- Kathryn, 1/29/12