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Cotton Bag for Straining Coffee & Soybean Milk

Think of this as a traditional muslin bag except it is made of woven 100% cotton instead of muslin.

The cloth is sewn onto a plastic ring with a handle, making it a bag instead of just a flat piece of cloth.

When you add contents to be strained, the weight will not cause the free floating cloth to sink.

You can also suspend the bag over a bowl to keep your hands free as you pour.

This bag is traditionally used for making coffee. Put your coffee grounds inside the bag and pour hot water over it to use it like a drip filter.

The bag can also be used for to make homemade soy milk. After blending the soybeans with water, pour the mixture into the bag in small batches and squeeze the bag to get milk. You can also make other natural milks in this manner.

Hand wash with hot water after using. Hang to air dry.

The product shipped to you may have a green, blue, or yellow handle.

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