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Silikomart Medium Sized Tulip Silicone Mold Red

This 1/12 inch by 7 inch multi-cake pan makes 8 medium-sized individual cakes in a tulip shape. Each cake measures 3 inches in diameter.

This versatile tulip mold can be used for baking medium sized tulip shaped teacakes and molding mousse, ice cubes, and jello.

Made from 100 percent food safe platinum liquid silicone. This material allows for more intricate details during the molding process, superb flexibility and longer wear. All your masterpieces will come out of the molds easily, preserving the intricate detail of your hard work.

Each mold is fitted with patented removable fiberglass safe ring. Insert it on the mold rim to ensure stability and to help the mold retain its shape.

Made in Italy.

Dishwasher, microwave, freezer (–80⁰F) and oven safe (450⁰F).

Guaranteed for 3000 uses.
Box comes with booklet with many tips and recipes.

This is a versatile mold that you can use to bake, refrigerate and freeze. You will use it over and over again. Be sure to stock one in your kitchen today!

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